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If you are preparing for a trip abroad and you want to stay connected to the Internet at all times of the international adventure, an excellent option to achieve this can be to take the best International eSIM data to use abroad. This is a virtual device that you will love.

There are other alternatives to have mobile data anywhere in the world, for example, pocket WiFi, prepaid SIM cards, or connecting to public WiFi networks. However, there is nothing like having a virtual eSIM for abroad. In this article, we will tell you about this great connectivity option.

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Buy an International eSIM in Holafly


What is an eSIM?

Let’s first define its concept. An eSIM or virtual SIM card is an innovative way that many travelers around the world are opting for when it comes to mobile data. It is a device that is 90% smaller than current nano SIMs and does not require physical installation, because it is implanted in the hardware of the smartphone.

In addition, an eSIM only needs a QR code to be configured and installed on your phone. Through this same code, you can manage your data plan or package. It is undoubtedly the evolution of the SIM card that we currently use and it is gaining more and more strength.

What is an International eSIM for travel abroad?

Since you are about to travel abroad, and you are interested in knowing about eSIMs, we will tell you the main functions/advantages that this type of digital SIM card can provide you with:

  • With an eSIM you will have mobile data anytime, anywhere. This is its main function since in most cases, these virtual SIM cards are only intended for mobile internet, without SMS and calls.
  • Share internet with other phones. This is an essential function for the traveler who enjoys adventures in the company of other people.
  • Use of eSIM and SIM in the same phone. eSIMs allow you to use the physical SIM card at the same time, in case you need the SIM card of your national operator in the country you are traveling to.
  • Avoid the high cost of international roaming. With an eSIM for abroad, you don’t have to worry about paying expensive roaming bills that might be charged by your home operator.

Requirements for installing an eSIM abroad

In order to have an eSIM and enjoy using it abroad, there are a number of requirements you need to take into account. This is because many phones on the market today are not yet compatible with this innovative technology.

  • First of all, check whether your mobile phone is eSIM-compatible. As already mentioned, not all smartphones today are compatible with eSIM technology. You can take a look at this list of eSIM-compatible mobile phones.
  • Find a digital shop that specializes in offering eSIM cards and has one specifically for mobile data abroad (such as Holafly, which we’ll talk about later).
  • You must have a QR code reader installed on your phone, as you will need a QR code scanner to install and configure the eSIM on your phone. In addition, you must be connected to a WiFi network to scan the QR code.

Where to get an International eSIM for use abroad?

Usually, the first option you have is to get an eSIM to use abroad, frequent travelers resort to buying it online, from online shops that offer virtual eSIM cards for different countries around the world (such as the Holafly shop).

Similarly, an alternative way to purchase an International eSIM for abroad is to buy this device in branches or physical shops of local operators, depending on the country you are going to, and at the airport where you land. This is also a very common way to get an eSIM.

International eSIM

Now, if you decide on the first and easiest option to acquire an International eSIM for travel abroad, which is through an online shop. We recommend the best online shop: Holafly. Here you will find virtual eSIMs for almost any country in the world. These digital SIM cards are characterized by:

  • In case you have any problems with your virtual SIM card, Holafly, and its team will assist you 24 hours a day in the online shop chat. In addition, assistance is also available via email and WhatsApp, and in different languages.
  • A high-speed connection, almost always on 4G LTE networks.
  • All their eSIMs for use abroad allow you to share mobile data with more devices.
  • Easy installation and configuration, through a QR code.
  • No permanence clause to purchase this product.
  • You do not need to present your passport or any similar document. It is a simple and agile purchase.

Local eSIM

This second option, as mentioned above, is still common among international travelers. If you want to buy an eSIM abroad in the country you are arriving in, you can look for this device in shops or branches of national operators. Prices and package descriptions will depend on each operator, so you will need to find something that fits your budget.

However, to buy an eSIM in physical shops, you will most likely have to present your passport or similar documents, and you will have to sign a contract for a permanent stay. Also, it may be more expensive to buy an eSIM in a physical store than in an online shop such as Holafly.

Phones compatible with the eSIM for travel abroad

As mentioned above, not all mobile phones on the mobile market are suitable for using eSIM technology. For this reason, we are going to name the mobile devices that are compatible with eSIM:

  • iPhone XS, XR onwards, including iPhone SE 2 (2020). 
  • Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra onwards. Galaxy Fold, Fold 2 onwards. Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Note 20 onwards. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip onwards. 
  • Huawei P40, P40 Pro, and newer models. Huawei Mate 40 Pro and newer models. 
  • Google Pixel 3, 3a (some versions do not support eSIM). Google Pixel 4, 4 XL, 4a, 5, and newer models. 
  • Oppo Find X3 Pro. Oppo Reno 5A. 
  • Motorola Razr (2019). Motorola Razr 5G (dual SIM).

Overseas network frequencies

Network frequency is a representation of the speed at which mobile devices transmit and receive data from a mobile operator’s network. It is important for calculating how fast your mobile phone will connect to the local operator’s network.

Below, we leave you with this table so that you can take into account the Internet connection speed that your mobile phone could have abroad.

5G bandsn2 (1900 PCS), n5 (850), n12 (700), n41 (2500), n66 (1700), n71 (600), n260 mmWave (39GHz), n261 mmWave (28GHz)
4G bandsB2 (1900), B4 (1700/2100 AWS 1), B5 (850), B12 (700), B13 (700), B14 (700), B17 (700), B20 (800), B25 (1900+), B26 (850), B29 (700), B30 (2300), B41 (TDD 2500), B66 (1700/2100), B71 (600)
3G bandsB2 (1900), B4 (1700/2100 AWS A-F), B5 (850), B12 (700), B13 (700)
2G bandsB2 (1900), B5 (850), B8 (900), CDMA B5 (850), CDMA BC0 (800), CDMA BC1 (1900), CDMA BC10 (800 Secondary)
Table 1: Network frequencies abroad. Source:

Frequently Asked Questions about International eSIM for use abroad

Can I share data with my International eSIM abroad?

If you buy the Holafly eSIM, yes you can. It’s an interesting advantage you will get, and if you are traveling with more people on your trip, it will be a benefit for everyone.

When do I activate my eSIM abroad?

You only need to activate your eSIM abroad, once you have set up this device using the QR code. When you land in your destination country, all you need to do is activate data roaming, and that’s it, you’ll have mobile data!

What if my phone is not eSIM-compatible?

Don’t worry. In this case, what you can do is buy a physical data SIM card (like the ones Holafly offers in its online shop), depending on the destination you are going to.

How fast will I connect with the eSIM for abroad?

With Holafly’s eSIMs, you will enjoy a high-speed internet connection, usually 4 and 4G LTE, depending on where you are.

Internationa eSIM for other destinations

Finally, here are some other destinations where you can use a data eSIM:

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