International SIM card for traveling abroad

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For starters, if you’re a frequent traveler, the kind who thinks about the next destination after arriving from your most recent trip, then you’ll know how important it is to have an internet connection at all times during your adventure. Therefore, an easy and quick way to have data in another country is to have an international SIM card.

For this reason, in this article, we will tell you about the best international SIM card. We’ll explain what it is, how to buy it, its main advantages, differences with roaming, and a digital alternative that will surprise you. Join us and discover these facts you should know for staying connected!

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Buy an International eSIM in Holafly


What is an international SIM card?

An international SIM card is a mobile device for internet access in practically any country in the world. It is very easy to use and to get, and if you are a frequent traveler, it could be very useful. 

On the other hand, as we already said, a SIM card is a fairly easy product to acquire and use. Also, it has been very famous among frequent international travelers. In fact, its technology has advanced so much that there is already a virtual alternative, which we will talk about later on. Also, if you are traveling to Spain, Mexico, or Italy you could read more about how to get SIM cards for those countries.

How to buy an international SIM card?

If you want to buy an international mobile SIM card, you have two options:

  • Buy an international SIM card through virtual shops, such as Holafly.
  • Get a SIM card once you arrive at the airport in physical shops, looking for mobile operators in the airport.

Holafly international SIM card

Holafly is an online shop specializing in international prepaid SIM cards for almost any destination in the world. If you are going to Europe, Asia, or Latin America it would be an excellent option to have a Holafly SIM card.

In addition, if you are located in a European country (Italy, Germany, Spain, France, or Luxembourg), Holafly will deliver your SIM card to your home or workplace, at no additional cost, within 48 hours. This is really important because a lot of shops tend to have additional prices for shipping the SIM card. 

Advantages of the Holafly international SIM card

International prepaid cards have several benefits to give you the best possible mobile internet experience. Check out the main advantages of Holafly’s international SIM card:

  • Holafly will provide you with 24-hour support through its online shop chat. They offer you a service within different languages like Spanish, English, German and French. 
  • You can keep your WhatsApp number, without any kind of restriction. So you won’t need to change your phone number for this app while you are in another country. 
  • It is easy, fast, and secure to purchase through the shop’s website. There is nothing difficult, it is a simple process that will take just a few minutes.
  • Coverage from the best operators in each country. Holafly and its international SIM cards work with the networks of the most popular mobile phone companies in each country.

How to install and configure Holafly’s international SIM card

Now, the process of installing and configuring the Holafly SIM card is very simple to follow:

  • First, it should be clarified that this instruction should be followed only when you have landed in the destination country.
  • Insert the SIM card in the slot tray of your mobile device.
  • Activate the “data roaming” option directly in the settings of your mobile phone (both IOS and Android).
  • It’s that easy, you’ll be connected to the internet!
  • Note: however, if following these steps does not get you data, each SIM card comes with instructions on how to create the APN.

International roaming vs SIM card

Regarding the differences between roaming and an international SIM card, these are the most relevant ones:

  • International roaming is a very expensive option, and if you don’t limit yourself you could get really high roaming charges. So, if you buy an international SIM card, it could be cheaper. 
  • With a SIM card you could choose between the plans that the company offers, so you could align them to your needs. Take into account that an international SIM card from Holafly will not generate surprise bills after its validity. You use it for the days it is valid for, and that’s it.
  • If you buy a Holafly prepaid SIM card for a certain destination, it will connect to the best mobile network in the country.

Data eSIM: a good virtual alternative

On the other hand, if you have a high-end mobile phone, it may be able to handle an eSIM or virtual SIM card. But what is an eSIM? It is a device that is built into the phone’s hardware. It is 90% smaller than a nano-SIM, and activates a data plan via a QR code.

Holafly also offers you the possibility of purchasing an eSIM or international virtual SIM card in its online shop, a place that specializes in this type of SIM card. An eSIM is also very easy to install and activate, which makes it an ideal alternative for mobile data in any country.

Why travel with an international SIM card?

There is no doubt that it is best to buy an international mobile SIM card, as it will make your trip a more comfortable experience. You won’t have to worry about getting WiFi on public networks, nor will you have to pay for expensive roaming charges from your national operator.

In short, we advise you to buy a SIM card, either a physical or virtual card (called eSIM). If you choose Holafly for the mission of being always connected on your trip, you will surely say: hello data, goodbye bad times!

Frequently asked questions about SIM cards

Can I share data with the Holafly SIM card?

Yes, in most cases, Holafly’s international SIM cards allow you to share mobile data with other devices.

When do the days on the Holafly SIM card start to count down?

Once you have landed in your destination country, you insert the SIM card in your mobile phone, activate data roaming, from that moment on, the validity of the SIM card you purchased starts to run.

Can I make calls with the Holafly SIM card?

No, with Holafly’s international SIM card you cannot make calls in the country where you are traveling. This is because it is only a mobile data SIM card.

Which operator is the Holafly international SIM card from?

Holafly SIM cards connect to the most stable and popular mobile networks in each country. In some cases, you have the possibility to tether your mobile device to two different operators’ networks in that destination.

Recommendations for traveling with a SIM card

  • Firstly, you must check if your mobile phone has the bands unlocked so that it is possible to tether to the networks of the destination country.
  • You must take into account that some streaming platforms or downloading applications could consume much data. So it’s better if you download your movies, applications or songs before traveling, as your internet browsing will end quickly.
  • Avoid the high prices of virtual SIM cards in airports, so buy SIMs or eSIMs from online shops such as Holafly.

Finally, we hope that after knowing this information about why to travel with a SIM card or eSIM, you will have a good reference to make your choice. Enjoy your trip, and do it with the best data SIM card, like the one from Holafly!

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