SIM Card Costa Rica: where to get it and how much it costs

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Getting a Costa Rica SIM card is a good idea if you are going on a trip to this Central American tourist destination. Also, if you are traveling to this country full of tropical attractions, it is worth knowing if in San José, Playa Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio National Park, or La Fortuna there is the possibility of a good internet connection.

In this article we will tell you why having a physical SIM card or a virtual one is an option you should consider to share the best moments of your trip. So, stay tuned to this article to learn about the characteristics of this type of alternative that will allow you to stay connected to the internet wherever and whenever you need it.

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Buy an eSIM for Costa Rica in Holafly

Where can I buy a SIM card for Costa Rica?

As in most places that are attractive for their tourist or business offerings, it is necessary to identify how or where to buy a SIM card for your phone. Likewise, in the case of Costa Rica there are two ways to obtain this device:

  • Entering an online shop specializing in the sale of SIM cards. For example, one that sells international mobile cards, as is the case of Holafly, who we will talk about later.
  • Buying a SIM card in physical shops of local operators located both at the airport and in some of the towns you visit.

Each one of these alternatives has its advantages and disadvantages. However, after making some analysis, we recommend buying a SIM card before you travel. And know we’ll tell you why. Stay tuned!

For your convenience, buy before you leave for your trip

By purchasing a SIM card for Costa Rica from an online shop you will be able to:

  • Firts, you will be able to save time in planning your trip. If you buy your SIM card before your trip, at the moment you arrive in Costa Rica you won’t have to think about where to buy a data SIM card.
  • Get it in a fast, simple, and safe way. For example, by visiting the Holafly online shop. If you visit the Holafly online shop we will tell you about this alternative you have to buy your SIM card. It will surely interest and surprise you.

Holafly online shop

As we mentioned about Holafly, we’ll tell you more about this shop. Holafly is an online shop specializing in the sale of cards that allow you to connect to the internet in various international destinations. Even, with the SIM card for Costa Rica that this company offers you, you will have a data plan in this destination. These are some of its features:

  • You can keep your WhatsApp connection to stay in touch with whoever you want.
  • If you need to share data with more devices, this SIM card will allow you to share mobile data.
  • The Costa Rica SIM card is also compatible in countries such as Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Puerto Rico.
  • If you need any service and help from the shop, you will have technical assistance 24 hours a day, both in your virtual chat and on the phone. Also in different languages, such as English, Spanish, German and French. 
  • You can receive calls free of charge.

You can buy your SIM card when you arrive in Costa Rica.

Not everyone takes the precaution or is in the habit of buying their SIM card in advance before traveling. However, if you are going to Costa Rica and you need or want to have internet services you can get a SIM card at the airport you arrive at.

On the other hand, once you arrive at Costa Rican airports such as Juan Santamaria International Airport, Regional Airport, or Perez Zeledon, you have the option of looking for shops or physical branches of the most popular Costa Rican mobile operators, such as Claro, Kôlbi, and Movistar. We will talk about these companies and what they offer for mobile internet below.

Claro shops in Costa Rica

In airports or ground transportation, you may find a Claro shop where you can get a SIM card data card that features:

  • Browsing capacity from 30MB, through 150 MB, 300 MB, 400 MB, 1 GB, 3 GB, 4 GB, and 5 GB.
  • Rechargeable data packages, depending on the number of GB.
  • Unlimited internet connection plans for days and unlimited within Costa Rica.
  • Unlimited WhatsApp.

Kölbi Shops

In Costa Rica this shop has four plans for internet access which in general terms consist of:

  • 4G K plans, with the benefit of up to 5 gigabytes free to activate apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Waze for the entire period of the contracted package.
  • Mobile services of minutes, internet, and the freedom to talk to any operator.
  • Special plans for people with disabilities.
  • Data plans with an easy wireless connection from anywhere.
  • High-speed web browsing.
  • Possibility of sharing the internet connection with other mobile devices.
  • Sending and receiving SMS with your contacts.

Movistar Shops in Costa Rica

This operator offers tourists and frequent travelers mobile data access possibilities including:

  • Unlimited prepaid internet packages per day, ranging from 400 MB, 1 GB and 1.2 GB of browsing.
  • Unlimited connection to social networks.
  • Ability to talk for 15 to 20 minutes to all networks operating in this country.
  • As you may have noticed, this information about operators in Costa Rica will help you make the decision that best suits your budget and needs for a SIM card chip that will provide you with a network connection.

How much does a SIM card for Costa Rica cost?

Turning to the SIM card offers that Holafly’s online shop has for Costa Rica, take a look at their rates and other features that will catch your eye:

Days of useAmount of mobile dataPrice (USD)
30 days8GB$37,12 USD
30 days12GB$51,32 USD
Table 1: values of the data variants of the Holafly Costa Rica SIM card chip

Holafly’s eSIM for Costa Rica: a new way to get mobile data

An eSIM is a device embedded in the hardware of the latest generation of smartphones and does not require external installation. It is tiny in size and is configured with a QR code for internet access.

In the same vein, Holafly’s virtual eSIM for Costa Rica can be purchased online easily and on any mobile device. Read on to find out what it has to offer if you are going to take advantage of the internet in this Central American country.

Advantages of Holafly’s eSIM for Costa Rica

Today’s travelers are characterized by their need to be permanently connected to share their adventures. For this reason, and in order to showcase the cultural and geographical riches of this tropical sanctuary, it pays to have an eSIM for Costa Rica from Holafly that gives you:

  • High-speed connection in its capital, San Jose, and other tourist attractions.
  • Immediate connection to the internet via a QR code to your email address.
  • Your usual WhatsApp service.
  • No registration or subscriptions.
  • Easy to set up and activate.
  • Connect with Claro, the best network in Costa Rica.
  • Forget about roaming and accessing public WiFi networks that can be insecure and unstable.

How much does the eSIM for Costa Rica cost?

Now that you’ve opted for Holafly’s eSIM for Costa Rica, check out their rates and details of your connection during your stay in their territory:

Days of useAmount of mobile dataPrice (USD)
15 days6GB$44 USD
Table 1: values of the data variants of the Holafly Costa Rica SIM card chip

Frequently asked questions about the SIM card for Costa Rica

Which mobile network do I connect to in this country?

The Costa Rican eSIM uses the network of Claro, one of the best mobile operators in Costa Rica.

Can I use my physical SIM card at the same time as the Holafly eSIM?

If you are using an Apple device you can have your physical SIM and your eSIM at the same time. You only need to choose the physical SIM for calls and SMS and the Holafly eSIM for mobile data. However, remember that if you leave your physical SIM activated, your operator may charge you roaming charges for receiving or making calls and/or SMS.

How do I check how much data I have left?

You can go to “Roaming data usage” on your smartphone or from your smartphone’s usage statistics. At the moment our support team cannot provide you with how much data you have used.

How much data does my Holafly eSIM for Costa Rica include?

You have 6GB for 15 days, and you can chat with us at any time if you have any questions.

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