SIM Card Lithuania: find out prices and how to get one

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Looking for ways to stay online and in contact in Lithuania with a SIM card? Well, there are different ways you can get one, but we want to tell you everything you need to know about this service and how it works. So, if you intend to travel there soon, here we will tell you everything you need to know.

If you haven’t used an international SIM card before, then you are in the right place because we have everything you need to know here. The great thing about knowing all this stuff is the fact you will be prepared for future trips, which is something great to know to save you some time in the future!


Where can I buy a SIM card for Lithuania?

In case you have doubts regarding where you can buy a SIM card for Lithuania, here we will discuss the two different methods people have available to get a SIM card, which can help them to get one before traveling in just a few minutes!

  • The first method we have is through online shops, which happens to be a viable method as people can go and buy a SIM card with their cellphones or with their computers in just a few seconds. And, if you want a recommendation, we can tell you the Holafly online shop is definitely worth looking into!
  • The second option on our list is through physical stores, which are the most known alternative for travelers out there. This method has been pretty common for many years, and people can still rely on it, so in case you don’t want to use an online shop, here you have another option to get a SIM card.

After telling this, then it’s time to talk about something different. People might be wondering when they should get a SIM card before traveling or once they are at their destination. Well, that’s something we will clarify right now from our point of view.

Get your SIM card before you start your trip

After what we just said, it is time for us to tell people the two main reasons we have regarding why travelers should get a SIM card before arriving at their destination, which in this case would be Lithuania. We know there’s a lot to tell, but we want to focus on two things only.

  • If you decide to get a SIM card before traveling, then you won’t have to spend your time looking for a SIM card once you are in your destination, which means you can spend more time doing what you want.
  • For people who bought their SIM card before traveling, it means they will get an internet connection as soon as it is available, which is something great for people who want to be connected as soon as they land!

We can tell there are more reasons for us to tell, but we want to focus only on these two. But now, it is time for us to mention something we said before, which happens to be the Holafly online shop.

The Holafly online shop

As we said before, this happens to be one of the greatest options for people to use when it comes to traveling. But what else does the Holafly online shop offer? Well, many things that we will show you right now.

  • There are different data plans available for people to choose from, all of them including unlimited cellular data.
  • People have 24/7 customer support service from the Holafly team in case they need it.
  • The Holafly online shop will help people to get their SIM cards delivered in just a few days.
  • All the Holafly SIM cards work alongside eSIMs in case someone wants to use them both!
  • There’s no limit on how many SIM cards someone can get when traveling to their destination.
  • People can use this SIM card alongside any other SIM card they have on their cellphones.

Buying your SIM card when you land in Lithuania

One of the options we previously talked about is to get the SIM card through a physical store, which is pretty common, and plenty of people even prefer to use this one rather than the online stores.

For you to know more about what we are saying here, we prefer talking about the cellular services available for people to use in Lithuania, which is provided by Bite and Tele2 Mobile. Now, let’s see what they offer, even though it is a bit hard to get one of their SIM cards.

Bite Mobile branch in Lithuania

Bite is the main cellular operator for people to use in Lithuania, so let’s see what they offer to travelers.

  • Bite offers numerous promotions to people who are using their cellular services.
  • There are different roaming plans for people to use with Bite.
  • Bite Mobile offers people the chance to use both SIM and eSIM cards.
  • The coverage offered by Bite Mobile is pretty good.

Tele2 Mobile branch in Lithuania

Tele2 is the second cellular carrier in the country, so let’s see what they have to offer to people who use this service.

  • The coverage and data speeds are overall good.
  • There are different promotions when it comes to data plans and other services.
  • People can use Tele2 Mobile to access roaming services when traveling.
  • There’s no limit on how many SIM cards someone can buy with them.

What is the price of a SIM card for Lithuania?

Time to mention something important, which happens to be the SIM card price in Lithuania.

Days of useAmount of cellular dataPrice (USD)
5 daysUnlimited Data29 USD
10 daysUnlimited Data39 USD
15 daysUnlimited Data49 USD
20 daysUnlimited Data59 USD
30 daysUnlimited Data87 USD
60 daysUnlimited Data169 USD
90 daysUnlimited Data239 USD
Table 1: Values of the data variants of Holafly’s Lithuania SIM card.

Holafly’s eSIM for Lithuania: the new way to get a cellular internet connection

Another alternative we have on the list is to use an international eSIM, but to those who aren’t familiar with what an eSIM is, let’s provide a brief introduction. This is a digital SIM card; basically, people won’t have to worry much about how it works because it is not as hard as it seems to activate and use!

For us, one of the best eSIMs we can get to use is the Holafly eSIM for Lithuania, which happens to be a pretty excellent alternative to staying connected in case you don’t want to use a SIM card. But now, let’s tell people which are the advantages of using an eSIM from Holafly

Advantages of the Holafly eSIM for use in Lithuania

Time to tell people which are the advantages of using an eSIM rather than a SIM card, so they’ll be convinced on why to choose this option.

  • When using an eSIM, people can get to use a SIM card on the same device.
  • The activation process to use an eSIM only requires a QR code scanning to complete it.
  • There’s no limit to how many eSIMs travelers can buy when they are traveling.
  • The delivery of the eSIM is done as soon as the purchase process is completed.

How much does the eSIM for Lithuania cost?

Days of useAmount of cellular dataPrice (USD)
5 daysUnlimited Data19 USD
10 daysUnlimited Data34 USD
15 daysUnlimited Data47 USD
20 daysUnlimited Data54 USD
30 daysUnlimited Data64 USD
60 daysUnlimited Data84 USD
90 daysUnlimited Data99 USD
Table 2: Values of Holafly’s eSIM data plan for Lithuania.

Frequently asked questions about the SIM card for Lithuania

Is there a limit on how many SIM cards someone can buy?

No. People can buy as many SIM cards as they need when traveling, which is a great option to keep in mind.

Can people use more than one SIM card on their phone?

Yes. As long as there’s space for another SIM card, then there shouldn’t be any kind of issue with using two SIM cards.

Are people charged with roaming when using an international SIM card?

No. These SIM cards allow travelers to avoid roaming services, meaning they will be able to save some money when traveling.

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